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Our goal is to help the residents of Porlant live a healthier and more successful life. Therefore, we present all with different therapy sessions to help you or a loved one build a healthy and meaningful relationship. In addition, our therapists are qualified to help with various individuals, depression couples, divorce or family situations.

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Couples Therapy

Most couples come to see...

Infidelity Counseling

Have you found out your...

Family Counseling

Couples Counseling of Portland...

Grief Counseling

Grief is not only about losing...

Conflict Resolution

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Stress Management

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Work & Career Counseling

Are you experiencing harassment at work or part of company gossip? Maybe you're a victim of bullying, and your work undertaking is failing.

We at Couples Counseling of Portland have work & career therapists to help you work through your problems. We also cater to stress management and provide career counseling as well. 

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

Discover your strengths with Couples Counseling of Portland today and break free from your addiction. Every day people struggle with different challenges triggering addiction. It can be using too much alcohol, substances, drugs, shopping, or work addiction. At our addiction & recovery counseling in Portland, we learn your recovery skills to overcome your addiction tailored to your unique situation. 

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Whats Our Client are saying

- Morgan

"Sam was fast to get to the root of our issues negatively impacting our lives. In our following sessions, he helped us to let go of the problems of the past. He gave us an effective plan to handle conflicts when they do arise."


Today, it is easier for us to work through our things without fighting. Thanks to Couples Counseling of Portland. The counselors helped us to focus on where we got stuck and how to work through them."

Couples Counseling of Portland

We have a place for you to air your voice and be heard. Our therapists provide all Portland residents with a compassionate and confidential place to discuss their concerns.

With our expertise, we can help people adjust to the emotions to psychological problems they face daily. Our therapists have advanced training to help people from all walks of life.

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