Grief Counseling Portland

Grief Counseling

Grief is an experience that people go through daily. Throughout your life, you experience some form of grief, whether it is a loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of friendship, or a job. 


"I lost my Bennie a few years ago. Couples Counseling of Portland helped me through the grieving process. As a result, I have learned to deal with my loss better and now laugh more thaned to cry."

Mandy K (Portland)

But What Happens When Grief Takes Over Your Life?

When dealing with grief, you face different bargaining stages to regain control of your inner emotions. Hence, bargaining can involve negotiating between yourself to other people.

But when grief starts taking over your life, it can have significant health implications leading to anxiety or depression. For this reason, it helps to seek help from a grief counseling specialist.

With a therapist, you can move through the stages of grief and learn how to cope with the bereavement process.


Let's Help Process That Grief 

When you grieve, it is a normal reaction to your loss. While grief is associated with mostly death, it can also be the loss of a job or friendship, to divorce. Each person experiences grief differently, and many situations can trigger distress...

  • Death of a pet or a loved one
  • Chronic health problems
  • Break-ups and divorce
  • A disability or even moving to another place
  • Losing your independence as you age
  • Job loss or a natural disaster
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What is The Aim of Grief Counseling in Portland

When you work with the counselors of Couples Counseling in Portland, they will formulate a plan suited to your individual needs. Yet, grief counseling aims for two crucial goals.

The first is to process your past before you can move forward. Hence, it would be best to step back to work through your difficult emotions, from anger, depression, regret, relief, sadness, and more.

The second goal is to help rebuild your future, as processing the past allows you to accept your loss and adjust for the future. Still, the thought of rebuilding after a loss might scare you.

Couples Counseling of Portland understands, and we will help you navigate those fears to work on building a better future.

While grief therapy is not your quick fix, it can help you overcome your loss. Our therapists are caring and have the experience to walk you through your most challenging trials.