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What is Addiction?

In the modern world, addiction and substance use disorders are major problems. There are millions of people going through some form of addiction daily. It can be drinking too much, taking medication, gambling, taking drugs, having sex, etc.

The reason for the addiction varies for each person but always leads to adverse effects in life from personal relationships at home or work and even beyond.

So, if you are currently suffering from addiction or have in the past, we know it sucks.

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You get a temporary high feeling parting in the addiction, but nothing good will come from it in the long run. You can lose your family, friends, and your job. While some habits are a concern using substances is an issue.

The important thing for you is to take action to ensure a brighter future. The problem with substance abuse is that it is rarely cured by itself, and it takes a plan of action with loads of support to get out of that downward spiral you find yourself in.

"I became stressed with my life and started getting hooked on the prescription prescribed. I could not go without the medication and finally knew I had a problem. The therapist at addiction recovery counseling helped me with coping mechanisms to recover from my addiction."

Joanne Wayne (Portland North)

Substance Use Disorder

SUD is a leading health concern in the United States these days. These substances abused include prescription drugs and other illegal drugs as well.

The end concern with SUD is that it can vary on the substance used. The problem is that SUD does not lead to a positive outcome. Hence, the sooner the problem is fixed, the better.

With SUD, you get three levels of substance use disorders affecting a person that is mild, moderate, to severe. The disorder level diagnosed will depend on the symptoms exhibited by the person.

Still, as an addiction recovery counseling provider in Portland, we have found 11 potential symptoms to look for in people with SUD. These symptoms include:

Addiction recovery counseling Portland OR 97201
  • Taking a substance for a long time in large amounts than intended
  • They cannot cut down or stop using the substance when they want
  • Spend a lot of time to obtain the substance and have ongoing cravings for it
  • The person fails to keep up with their responsibilities at school or work
  • Despite the adverse effects, the person still keeps using it
  • The person knows that the substance can further damage their health psychotically and physically
  • The person needs an increased amount to use the substance and develops withdrawals when not used

Does this sound familiar and hits close to home? Maybe you recognize the symptoms in your life. If you do, you or another person you know might have SUD.

Getting addiction recovery counseling in Portland with us today is one of the first necessary steps.

Research has been unable to discover a shared personality which is common between all those who have addictions, every person’s personality is comprised of numerous factors which can control this.

Even though there may not be a single personality which is addictive, there are some factors which are shown to lead to addiction. Genetics can play a large part, with around 50% of a person’s genetic makeup, can lead them towards addiction.

What Causes an Addiction

One of the biggest challenges is to find the underlying cause of addiction. Several issues can lead to an addiction. For example, depending on the habit, alcohol abuse typically comes from depression, stress, divorce or relationship problems. Another cause can be learned behavior, like living in a family where both parents have an addiction.

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Let's Help With Addiction Recovery Counseling in Portland

Individual or group addiction recovery counseling is an excellent way to help with addiction. The specific path we use depends on the patient's needs. But it can involve teaching you the skills to deal with your addiction.

You will learn to identify the harmful behavior patterns and thinking to stop yourself from falling back into your old habits. While individual counseling helps, we might also recommend group counseling for added support.

Doing this can help remove the loneliness fast as you have the support of others dealing with similar addictions. So walk the road to sobriety today by contacting Couples Counseling of Portland NOW!

Work with one of our qualified counselors today to gain the skills you need to overcome your addiction.