Divorce Counseling Portland

Divorce Counseling

Divorce does not come to mind when you walk down the isle with happiness and joy. Still, divorce can come on many a road leaving you with many losses.

Divorce brings many challenges that result in confusion, anger, anxiety, fear, depression, and loneliness.

These are only some emotional upheavals caused in your life.

It is a complex process, but you can still forge new roads by closing the path of one relationship and opening another.

But it takes time to heal, and possible with a mental health professional by your side.

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Couples Counseling of Portland offers you divorce recovery counseling as we know fighting for new beginnings is worth the while.

"I got married young, and after years of bringing up kids and them leaving home, we simply had nothing left to say to each other. So we divorced even if I felt our marriage could be saved. I was devastated and went for divorce counseling which helped me to get out of the rut I felt myself in."

- Antoinette Rival (Portland)

The Road to Healing After a DivorceĀ 

Once your marriage ends, building a new path is distinctive to each person.

Many factors can influence your healing to the recovery process. These entail the following:

  • Have new liaisons been formed?
  • How long were you married?
  • Did the divorce surprise you or both of you?
  • Why did the divorce happen in the first place?
  • What are your age, mental health, and personality to physical health?
  • What is the condition of your finances, and is there children involved?

Working with one of our counselors, you can find a treatment plan that can help address your unique needs.

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Let's Help With The Grieving Process

Whether you are getting divorced or already divorced, each person is grieving. When you go through divorce counseling, you can mourn in a comfortable environment.

If children are present, divorce counseling Portland can help make the transition from joint or single parenting a bit easier as relationships change. But, of course, the same will happen with extended families and friends, and housing situations will also change.

The thing is, working with a therapist helps to resolve all the losses incurred during the divorce. In addition, allowing your emotions to arise enables you to work through those emotions faster.

At the same time, with your emotions, you can process your past marriage as challenging memories will arise Infidelity. You will look back on the negative experiences or even painful ones leaving toxic patterns instead of positive ones.

When you find out what went wrong, you can work on improving things for the future.

Couples Counseling of Portland Is Here To HelpĀ 

Whether you're finalizing a divorce or rebuilding your life after your marriage ends, we can help you face all your losses. You are not alone on the road to recovery; our therapists can help with divorce counseling.

Together we will walk the road of your divorce to help you heal and start a new life. Our therapists will help you work through all the feelings overpowering your life to regain positive patterns and rebuild your life.

Are you ready to let go and let the grieving process of your divorce start? Couples Counseling Portland is prepared to help.