Premarital Counseling Portland

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling in Portland is a therapy that can help you to build a successful and happy marriage.

As a couple, it can help you develop communication skills and help identify potential conflicts that can take place to manage them before they escalate out of proportion.

Hence, having premarital counseling in Portland can help prevent your marriage from ending up in the divorce court. The service is beneficial, and considering it before tying the knot can help.

Couples Counseling of Portland is ready to help with premarital counseling before walking down the aisle. Contact us today for an appointment.

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"Our parents were concerned about us getting married. However, we know we are meant for each other and eased their minds with premarital counseling. We learned many new things about each other, from our goals, relationship, and what we expected from one another. We have tied the knot and our parents cannot be happier."

- Teddy and Bella (Portland)

Who Can Benefit From Premarital Counseling

Whether in a relationship, engaged, or nearing your marriage date, you can benefit from premarital counseling in Portland.

A premarital counselor can help you resolve arguments or help individuals who are non-committed understand the commitment issues to move forward.

Furthermore, they can help couples become educated about marriage's realities to set realistic expectations.

With premarital counseling, you can build solid foundations for a healthy long-term relationship.

Now the big question is when should you start with premarital counseling?

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Premarital counseling in Portland is usually done during an engagement but is helpful if you are contemplating marriage or uncertain about taking the next step.

So, if you are serious about marriage and discussing your future, talking to a premarital counseling therapist can help.

What Happens in Premarital Counseling?

With premarital counseling, you can achieve many things. But the primary purpose is for couples to build a solid foundation for their marriage to decide if they are ready for it. So while signing up for premarital counseling in Portland is not a guarantee for saying I DO, it can also help the DONT to go separate ways to live healthy lives.

In premarital counseling, the counselor wants to know you and your relationship. Hence, you can expect the following questions asked related to:

  • Your everyday activities and interests
  • Your role expectations for communication
  • Religious beliefs and marriage expectations
  • Parenting to children and your budget and finances
  • Sexual Issues

If a particular area is mentioned that needs more exploring, the therapists will guide the conversation in that given direction.

How Does Premarital Counseling With Us Look Like?

At Couples Counseling of Portland, a professional therapist will lead premarital sessions. The structure is catered according to your needs, as you might be seen separately and then as a group.

Still, once you start your sessions together, then the counselor can address the following:

  • Current concerns in your relationship
  • Discuss your hopes and expectations
  • Identify how you as a couple plan to achieve goals
  • Help you build conflict resolution skills

With the help of a therapist, you can learn practical communication skills to resolve conflicts when they arise.

Schedule your premarital counseling with Couples Counseling of Portland today. With our therapists, you can work through different complications like grief to understand each other better before saying I DO!