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Stress Management

Unfortunately, stress is a normal part of your life, but with time it can become harmful to your life if not addressed.

Luckily if you are struggling with stress, a stress management therapist can help by first identifying your significant stressors.

Furthermore, therapy will serve as your safe place to release your emotions to help you understand and address your complicated feelings.

Finally, a stress management counselor will help you determine what coping mechanisms work best for your situation to manage your stress.

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Stress is a Normal Part of Life

Stress is a normal part of life whether you have family or work. You have good stress, and you have bad stress. Still, stress can be a valuable tool to keep you motivated.

But when you have many unchecked stressors and ineffective coping skills to deal with them, it becomes a problem. That is when we at Couples Counseling of Portland can make a difference in your life.

So, if you're struggling to manage your stress, our stress management therapists can help identify the main stressors to confront and use effective coping methods to overcome them.

"Our family business went through some troubling times, and with the debts piling up, we had a lot of stress. We did not know how to cope with it and went for stress management as a family to find ways to deal with it. While they could not lessen the debt, they did help us to understand what was happening and how to handle it."

- Patrick Rourke (Portland)

How We Help With Stress Management

At Couples Counseling of Portland, we first bring awareness to your significant stressors. Then, you can handle the situation when you know what is causing your stress.

With talk therapy, you can identify those stressors work through them, and prioritize your needs. At the same time, you will have a healthy outlet to release your emotions.

You can let out all those emotions you have tucked away in a safe and confidential environment. By facing your issues and addressing them, things start to get lighter.

With the new coping skills, you learn you have a greater chance of addressing future stress factors to overcome them. Furthermore, the therapist will help you find practical coping skills and self-care activities to deal with stress.

By identifying and implementing your coping mechanisms into your daily life, you can manage your stress effectively and healthily.

Stress Management Portland OR 97201

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We are not saying that you will never face stress, but with stress management in Portland, you can handle your stress. So contact us today to start your stress management counseling to help ease your stress NOW!