Family Counseling Portland

What is Family Counseling?

Couples Counseling of Portland understands firsthand the challenges you face raising kids while still trying to stay connected to yourself and as a couple. Unfortunately, we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach but provide a customized plan based on your family counseling Portland needs.

Let's Help Create a Secure Family Relationship Today

With family therapy, we can help families with kids and teens strengthen communication to connect and solve problems
Our priority is creating a positive and secure relationship with parents and children. It is a parent's number one factor in helping against academic problems, mental health issues, and alcohol and drug issues or depression.
Our basic assumption is that everyone in a family contributes to the current problems. Therefore, each family member must play a role in resolving family concerns.
As a result, counseling with us might involve several family member treatments. These can include a child, parent/parents only, parent/child, siblings, or the entire family.

"We had concerns about our son ahis directioning with friends. There was always quarels taking place at home. Eventually we dediced to go for family counseling even if our son felt there was no concern. With the therapists help we worked through our concerns and things turned out well."

- Joday Bradwell (Portland)

What is Your Family's Intention

If you aim to help fix your child, you're not at the right place. But if you want to know about their growing and wanting to get along with children, you can benefit from family counseling in Portland.

The truth is that many teens do not want to engage in individual therapy but will be more open to participating as a family.

The reason is that the focus becomes less on your child and more on the family dynamics as everyone plays a role in a problem.

When your teens know they are not sitting in the hot seat, they are much more reluctant to participate.

But, no matter your family problems, we work more than just with families facing issues with kids.

Family can benefit from therapy Portland OR 97201

We Help With Parent CoachingĀ 

Meeting a Family Therapist Portland OR 97201

Are you out of tools and do not know what to do with children's feuds? Or do your children refuse to talk to you, or do you have complicated family dynamics? These are a few concerns families face.

We understand how difficult parenting can be, and everyone wants to give advice. With family counseling Portland, we will provide practical guidance and direction without judging anyone.

Let's help you feel more confident, happier, and equipped with parenting skills to tackle any conflict at home. In addition, our parenting coaching will help you with a child who is not interested or even willing to participate in any counseling.

You can do a lot for your family without anyone being involved. We will discuss managing kids' devices, setting boundaries, co-parenting, connecting, and other challenges families face.

Couples Counseling of Portland knows that seeking help for the family is nerve-racking. For this reason, we present you with a FREE online consultation. Furthermore, we have counselors located throughout Portland and surrounding areas.