Depression and Anxiety Counseling Portland

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Disorders like anxiety and depression are problems linked to your emotions and feelings. But, of course, you have felt sadness or fear sometimes, and it is a normal reaction taking the place of everyday events.

Still, when these feelings become intense and last longer than usual, it becomes a problem. As a result, those feelings start to impact your life to function normally.

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Unfortunately, there is no easy solution like taking a blood test or doing physical examinations to diagnose anxiety or depression. Thus, it would be best if you relied on a health practitioner to match your feelings and symptoms to a comprehensive list of your symptoms for each condition.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

When it comes to anxiety and depression, you can experience different symptoms:


  • Turmoil
  • Not able to sleep
  • Heart palpitations
  • You worry constantly


  • You feel intense emotions that are persistent
  • Boredom and not interested in social to daily events

I blamed myself for my sister's accident when we were young. After she passed away, I withdrew from myself, and it affected me later in my life as I became older. So I decided to go for anxiety and depression therapy as it took over my life. I am now taking baby steps to recovery and slowly getting out there to live my life."

- Sharon Gable (Portland)

What Causes Anxiety and Depression?

In most cases, anxiety and depression are linked as you experience an emotional state with high extended feelings for a long period.

It causes problems related to traumatic phases of your life or even episodes of severe stress.

It can result from events like a loved one passing away, losing a job, or even divorce causing triggers of emotion leading to depression or anxiety for Drugs.

While the links are clear, studies show that scientists are still unsure what happens from a physiological standpoint if you develop one of these disorders.

According to studies, there is a balance of chemicals in your brain, which alters the body's organ structure resulting from events causing all these emotions.

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Seeking Treatment With Couples Counseling of Portland Can HelpĀ 

Treating anxiety and depression is complex, but there are different treatment plans:

  • Medical
  • Lifestyle
  • Talk-Based Therapy

When you come for depression and anxiety counseling in Portland, we can use a combination of these therapies to help. With talk-based treatment provided by us, it is often successful in identifying the underlying cause of the problem.

We help you manage your symptoms, and finding the root cause can help you with complete remission. The critical step is to ask for help leading you to recovery.

So, please call Couples Counseling of Portland to arrange your first session with one of our professional experts.