Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo is a cherished attraction for locals and tourists alike in the heart of Portland, OR. Established in 1888, it is renowned for its conservation efforts, educational programs, and diverse animal exhibits.

Location and Accessibility

The zoo is conveniently located in Washington Park, a bustling hub of attractions in Portland. With ample parking facilities and easy access via the MAX light rail system, it offers visitors a hassle-free experience from arrival.

Animal Exhibits

Oregon Zoo is home to over 2,000 animals representing over 200 species. These animals are housed in exhibits designed to mirror their natural habitats:

  • Africa Rainforest: Visitors can see animals such as the slender African-snouted and dwarf crocodiles.
  • Pacific Shores: This exhibit houses animals native to the Pacific Northwest, including sea otters and harbor seals.
  • Predators of the Serengeti: A variety of African predators, including lions, cheetahs, and African wild dogs, can be found in this exhibit.
  • Elephant Lands: This exhibit is designed to support an evolving, multi-generational herd of Asian elephants.

Conservation Efforts

Oregon Zoo is deeply committed to wildlife conservation. It actively participates in Species Survival Plans for endangered animals and operates the Zoo's Future for Wildlife fund, which provides grants for local and global conservation efforts.

Educational Programs

Oregon Zoo is more than just a place to see animals—it's also a learning hub. Educational programs offered include:

  • Zoo Camps: These offer children a unique opportunity to learn about animals and nature in a fun, hands-on way.
  • Zoo School: An educational program for preschoolers to nurture their curiosity about the natural world.
  • Teen Programs: These programs allow teens to learn about animal care and conservation.

Events and Attractions

Oregon Zoo hosts numerous events throughout the year and features additional attractions:

  • Summer Concert Series: The zoo hosts outdoor concerts featuring various artists every summer.
  • ZooLights: This annual holiday tradition transforms the zoo into a winter wonderland of light displays.
  • Zoo Train: Visitors can ride the scenic zoo railway, offering panoramic views of the zoo.

Facilities and Amenities

Oregon Zoo ensures a comfortable visit with various facilities:

  • Dining Options: Several restaurants and snack bars are scattered throughout the zoo, serving a range of food options.
  • Gift Shop: Visitors can purchase souvenirs, toys, and educational materials at the zoo's gift shop.
  • Rentals: Wheelchairs, strollers, and motorized scooters are available for rent.


For those visiting Portland, OR, a trip to Oregon Zoo offers more than just a day out—it provides an engaging, educational experience that leaves a lasting impact. The zoo's commitment to animal care, conservation, and community education is vital to Portland's cultural fabric. Whether you're an animal lover, a budding biologist, or simply looking for a family-friendly outing, Oregon Zoo promises an unforgettable experience.